ALFA Rating is the first investment rating agency providing an exhaustive statistical and analytical information of alternative investments' market. Our company is founded by leading experts in the field of financial markets, investments, consulting and blockchain from around the world.

Dynamic market of alternative investment, cryptocurrencies and ICO provides a huge range of various crypto assets, start-ups and funds. That is why an independent and objective assessment of investment potential of these assets is important. Our methodology, developed by leading experts in the field of financial markets and investments, allows to estimate the investment attractiveness of assets for our customers.

ALFA Rating facilitates decision-making processes for investors based on authoritative analysis and solid background of the experts. As for projects ALFA Rating allows to minimize risks associated with attracting investments and simplifies the procedure of interaction with investors.

Our mission is to make the process of venture investment more transparent, efficient and safe. We believe that it will contribute to the emergence of new IT companies whose services and products will deeply change both our society and our economy.

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