Cappasity (CAPP) Overview

Cappasity (CAPP) Overview

Cappasity is a decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange.

Ticker CAPP
Start of ICO 22.02.2018
End of ICO 22.03.2018
Initial price 1 CAPP = 0.01 USD
Total tokens 10 000 000 CAPP
Hard cap 20 000 000 USD

Business model

The Cappasity’s ecosystem based on an already existing and successfully operating platform, which has good prospects for development. Nevertheless, the absence of a financial plan does not make it possible to forecast revenue.


The Company has well-designed ICO. The result is already circulating tokens and good demand from the investor side.

Market analysis

The AR/VR industry has a high growth potential in the case of the customers are competent in the use of products.


The project team consists of specialists without much work experience in the areas for which they are responsible, with the exception of Konstantin Popov.



There is no information about current and potential partners. In our opinion, there can be only one explanation: the Company does not plan to work with partners.

Marketing strategy

The Company does not represent clear information about future marketing strategy. Nevertheless, there are a lot of activities in social networks and various specialized forums. The Company has extensive bounty program updating on the real time basis.


Inherent risk of Crypto industry.

Risk of low demand on short-term distance, due to the fact, that participants of AR/VR/3D market will not be ready for drastic changes in the digital technology industry. As a consequence, there will be the lack of income, which is directly related to the amount and volume of transactions conducted on the Cappasity’s platform.

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