Fysical (FYS) Overview

Fysical (FYS) Overview

Fysical is a decentralized location data market.


Ticker FYS
Start of Pre-ICO 18.06.2018
End of Pre-ICO 30.06.2018
Initial price 1 FYS = 0.045 USD
Total tokens 1 000 000 000 FYS
Hard cap 21 176 ETH

Business model

The project is a B2B exchange of location data. It reveals how humans move through the physical world. Fysical claims that it publishes data from more than 10 000 000 mobile devices every month. Location data can be used in various fields from Academia to Real Estate. Fysical does not disclose clear examples of the location data usage as well as the prototype.


FYS tokens are designed to simplify the interaction of location data sellers and buyers, it  will be used as a means of payment in the Fysical ecosystem built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Thanks to the smart contracts, buyers will be able to see the source of data and the reputation of the seller.

Market analysis

The location data market has grown rapidly over previous five years. Currently, location datasets are sold by large corporations  like Visa, Mastercard and telco companies. Fyscial aims to solve key problems on the market, such as high costs, low quality and lack of transparency. The documentation of the project does not answer how the project will be able to change the current situation and compete with existing exchanges.


The project team has experience and has been working together for a long time in Fysical labs. The team is relatively incomplete - there are no developers, nor marketers. Advisers compensate the lack of the missing team members.


Fysical established partnerships with some successful Blockchain startups: Kyber Network, Bluzelle, Streamr. Signum capital is an investor of the project. However, there is no information about partnerships with data providers, so it is unclear who will supply the data, and what quality the data will be.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy after the ICO and Roadmap is not provided.


Besides inherent risks of crypto market, we identified market risks, due to the lack of a working prototype, high competition in the industry and poor project documentation.

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