Gilgamesh (GIL) Overview

Gilgamesh (GIL) Overview

Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. 

Ticker GIL
Start of ICO 15.01.2018
End of ICO 25.03.2018
Initial price 1 GIL = 1 USD
Total tokens 60 000 000 GIL
Hard cap 12 500 ETH
Soft cap 1 250 ETH

Business model

The potential of project’s business model is high: Ethereum-based knowledge sharing platform really allows to solve the problem with copyright infringement. 


Gilgamesh distributes only a quarter of the tokens, the distribution of shares in the company doesn’t depend on the number of tokens sold. The project has an attractive bounty program: it’s going to place 1% of all tokens trough the campaign.

Market analysis

The market chosen by Gilgamesh grows enough slowly and is already saturated with large players. There’re some strong competitors, including blockchain - based projects as well as well - experienced large publishing companies.


The project team consists of experienced specialists supported by strong team of advisers. Team members have a sufficient experience in the field of Blockchain, software development, business operations, law and product management.


The only one real valuable partner of Gilgamesh is Cashaa, founded by one of the Gilgamesh’s announced advisors - Kumar Gaurav. This platform is already ranked among the top 100 Blockchain companies in the world.

Marketing strategy

Gilgamesh is actively promoted through social networks and has a lot of followers, but a general marketing strategy after the launch of the project is insufficiently disclosed, the ways to achieve company’s goals are not specified.


During the analysis, the only one risk associated with the market was identified.

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