Perlin (PERL) Overview

Perlin (PERL) Overview

Perlin – a DAG-based blockchain protocol using Avalanche consensus.

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Business model

The project creates marketplace where the exchange of computing resources between suppliers and consumers will take place. The Perlin network, based on an acyclic graph with Avalanche consensus, will achieve high bandwidth and scalability. A wide range of applications has been announced, ranging from scientific calculations to the training of neural networks.


PERL Token is a means of payment on the platform. It is required to access the computing resources of the Perlin network. Users will be able to earn PERLs by providing computing power to customers via the network. Also PERLs will be paid to validators who verify and broadcast transactions on the network. Initially, tokens are issued on the basis of Ethereum (ERC20), but will subsequently be replaced with their own.

Market analysis

–°loud computing market is one of the most dynamic and highly competitive, where large players like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM dominate. Therefore, Perlin will have to face with various competitors, including Blockchain startups, who have already received the necessary funding and have begun developing the products. However, the estimated market growth rates, as well as its potential, create conditions for the emergence of new players. Incomprehensive project documentation does not allow us to assess the uniqueness of the business model of the project and its competitive advantages.


The project's founders have many years of experience, they are known for their previous successful projects. At the same time the majority of developers are not disclosed.


The investors of the project are large venture and crypto funds - FBG Capital, YouBi, Danhua Capital, Signum Capital and others. There are no other partners.

Marketing strategy

Despite the well-organized ICO marketing campaign, there is no information about the long-term marketing strategy of the project. There is no Roadmap, so it makes difficult to analyze the further stages of the project development


In addition to the inherent risks of cryptocurrency market, Perlin also has commercial risks, as there are some doubts whether the team will be able to attract enough miners that will ensure the system's efficiency.

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